Insurance for the Internet Age

With a variety of features like quotation provision, claims notification, comparison of plans and more, the Symbo Insurance distribution platform is just what the industry needs to serve modern users.

Digital Full Stack Insurance Platform for All

Are you looking to improve agent engagement, drive conversion and increase sales?

With Symbo's Agency App, insurers can drive traction digitally with real time visibility of the sales pipeline and the ability to make changes instantly to meet sales targets. Thousands of agents have signed up via Symbo’s Agency App, which is a testament to the efficacy of the app.

Make instant and easy sales

Schedule meetings without actually having to call

Looking to provide your customers with a one-stop solution - a web dashboard as well as a sleek mobile app, to manage their insurance purchases, insurer communications, claims filings and servicing?

Symbo's MyAccount provides an enhanced and high-quality experience for users. With this application, users can manage all their insurance needs with a unique and well-defined dashboard, using the latest technology, integrations and access to visual tools to assess their needs.

Insurance wallets to pay premiums, which can be topped up whenever needed

Direct customer claims filing that is easy, manageable and assured

Do you need an insurance dashboard for your enterprise and SME clients to manage all their insurance policies in one place?

Symbo’s Dashboard is a one-stop insurance management tool, available any time, anywhere. Business managers can utilise this new-age technology to generate in-depth business reports and claims analysis reports that are essential for business reporting.

In-depth and accurately calculated claims analysis reports critical to benchmark performance, especially for business reporting

Easy and flexible employee engagement

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Happy Customers

The Symbo app provides the most enhanced and high-quality experience to retail customers. A unique and well-defined dashboard helps them easily manage all insurance needs.

Happy customers
Engaged Agents

Engaged Agents

The cutting-edge, multi-utility app helps agents simplify transactions. The user-friendliness and efficacy of the app are vouched for by numerous agents who use it.

Grow Your Business

Business Insurance Managers around the world need new age tech support to help them perform optimally. This app with its many features and benefits makes the manager’s job easier, which leads to higher productivity and better time management.


See How It Works

Working together on this platform ensures instant and flexible collaboration for the entire workforce, enhancing productivity and profitability like never before.

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