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Transactions made easy for agents with a multi-utility app that is cutting-edge and extremely simple to use.

  • Integrate & Extend

Designed to improve

conversion and sales.

Agents who have used the app will vouch for how simple and useful it is. Besides its several benefits, the app also helps agents receive training, obtain regulatory licensing and get and share instant quotations.

Generous gamification techniques reward performance and enhance agency engagement.


Multilingual in its interface, rural players can use the app just as easily as their more urban counterparts

digital-wallet (1)
Digital Business card

Digital business card for instant and easy recall


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Sales Funnel

Ready access to visual statistic tools like a sales funnel that show performance parameters

Revolutionise your insurance 
business today

Incredible Benefits of the App

Digital Business card

For instant and easy recall and quick syncing of contact book



Sales Funnel

Ready access to visual statistic tools like a sales funnel that show performance parameters

Lead Generation

Lead generation tools like vehicle tracking and the risk meter to enhance sale


Follow Ups

Real-time notifications and providing instant solutions to customer queries

Instant Filing and Sales

Making instant and easy sales and claim filings


Performance Rewards

Training of agents for high performance


Increased Revenue

The app can be used as an additional channel to transact thereby opening up a whole new millennial-based market. This, in addition to the existing benefit of extra revenue.

More Customer Engagement

In a community that is growing ever smaller every day with the advent and rapid modernization of technology, it is crucial the agent feels the very pulse of the customer. Being connected and engaged in real-time allows for the agent to provide better service with minimum downtimes.

Better Leadership Visibility

Being able to stay a step ahead of both the team and industry is an immeasurable advantage that the app provides for the agent. Leadership visibility is paramount to ensure smooth functioning and rewarding customer engagement.

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