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This Privacy Policy covers all the practices of this website, the services we provide and that which link to this Privacy Policy and referred to as “site”.

For a person to have any legal authority over this Privacy Policy, he/she must be at least 18 years old. Also, he/she should have the power to form a legally binding contract under the law applicable to use this website and services offered on it.

Owner of this site, notify you as a user about practices that we have adopted for collection of information on our website or our behalf. The information mentioned will be treated this policy.

The use of this website is taken as your consent to use, store and process your information provided by you or collected on this site according to this privacy policy. Given below are the details of the information gathered.

This policy is subject to terms and conditions of this site.
We may use the information from the relevant participant or pass on your information to the members after you buy a policy from us. In some cases, we do move your data outside India. Please refer to the section on ‘Information on the website’ and ‘Transfer of Information’ section of this privacy to know more about more about it.

We also make use cookies on this website. The cookies are information pieces between your browser and a site. The navigation and cookies section mentioned below provides more information in this regard.

If need be, you are authorised to access the personal information which we have collected about you. For doing so, you can contact us using contact details provided in the ‘Contact us’ section of the website or email at However, such a request will be processed with the local laws applicable in your jurisdiction wherein some fees will be charged as per the amount spent to meet your request. Also, as per the local law applicable, you are authorised to object to any procedure which is likely to cause concerns. You can also endorse, erase, obstruct or destroy the information about you which you are inaccurate. After your consent, we may use some of your data for marketing.

More information on the use of your information for marketing and how you can set your preferences is provided in the section below.

Information on the Website

You may find links to the insurance companies or their services on our portal as a part of our online sales. However, we do not exhibit any control over the content or behaviour of those links even if they are present on our website. The conduct of these links will be governed by their privacy policy and terms.

The information collected on this website can be categorized in two parts:

  1. Personal information that you provide voluntarily

Symbo Insurance may gather personal information that you choose to provide us using different sections of our or our official partners to help us serve you better. The information collected depends on the way in which you choose to use our services or this website. All the information concerning you will be stored on our server. Your details voluntarily provided may be collected while you register on our portal, subscribe to our blog, fill out a form, participate in activities hosted by us or use services provided by us. However, you can choose not to share any of these details and make use of some free services provided on our website.

– When you request assistance or more information related to product

If you request for our help through any section on our site then, we may collect your personal information through chat, e-mail or telephone which may override your NDNC registration. This is for identifying you as a user or prospective or existing customer.

– When you comment

The comment section on our website is powered by Facebook. Thus, the only Facebook users will be able to comment on our site after they log into their account. The information displayed and collected will be in as per the plugin instructions and will be visible to the public under the Facebook username.

  1. Information gathered by us on the basis of your navigation>

When you use our website, we may choose to collect your data through the standard medium used for receiving information of a user information like cookies.

  1. – Navigation and Cookies

As a standard practice across the industry, we may use the website cookies. As described above these are shared between the browser and a site. The presence of cookies ensures a faster browsing experience to you as a user. The information which you have stored previously while using the browser may be stored as a cookie. However, it cannot read the information on the hard disk.

Three types of cookies
Cookies are of three kinds:

    1. a. Session cookies: these are stored temporarily on your desktop or laptop during your browsing session. However, these are deleted as soon as your browser is shut, and no data is stored. An anonymous session ID is created which facilitates a seamless browsing experience wherein you do not have to log into each page.
    2. b. Persistent cookies: these are stored on your computer as a file. It is saved on your desktop and laptop even when you close the browser. The website which creates this type of cookies can access it and read it when you re-visit the site.
    3. c. First-party cookies: this store your choices related to a particular site. The computer’s hard drive and the server are where this type of cookies are saved. These cookies are only used so that you have a personalised experience.

Apart from these cookies mentioned above, we do not use any other cookies.

Use of the cookies

    1. a. Where it is mandatory

While you browse the site, some cookies are essential for you to navigate and use the website’s features for secure access. You may not be able to log into your account or obtain quote without cookies. The mandatory cookies are never used for marketing.

    1. b. Where it improves the performance

This is to track the frequently visited places of the user and the error messages they receive form websites. These help us record the number of users visiting our site and enhance the performance of the website. However, no information is tracked using these cookies.

    1. c. Where it improves functionality

Using these cookies, we store your preferences like your language, area and other such details and improve the functionality and features. With these cookies, we may also remember your login credentials so that you can save the time to log in repetitively. Through this, we will also store your text size preference, font type and other customisation settings that you have possibly made. This may be used while you comment on the article. These are again not used for advertisements. In case you want to turn off cookies please visit this website.

  1. Using Google Analytics

We are using Google Analytics for analysing your behaviour on our site. For more details on information which can be obtained using analytics, please refer the Google code site.

  1. Other Sources

As soon as you provide your personal details like your mobile number using any section of the website; it is captured in the Salesforce and an auto call provision is made for a faster service. This is only to ensure that you the right help at a decent speed.

  1. Information related to your employment

We may offer career opportunities and different positions to apply for it you may have to share your application form using this site. We will use and transfer information in such case for background check and evaluation of your qualification. Also, we may transfer your information other employees of this organisation or sister companies for consideration of your application.

  1. Transfer of Information
    • – For policy issuance

We may transfer some of your information for policy issuance and underwriting.

    • – Point of sales and services

If we contact some company to operate on our behalf in such cases, we may transfer your information to them. The use of this information will be limited to the purpose of Symbo Insurance.

    • – Transfer of Business

While developing our business, we might purchase or sell some assets. In such cases, as a business transfer asset, some information related to you may get transferred.

    • – Legal

We retain the right to share your personal information without any notice in matters like:

      • a. Protection and defence or your rights or rights or the user, our employees, users of our site and the general public.
      • b. Revise the terms and conditions applicable to the use of this website.
      • c. To process claims that breach the third-party laws and are required for legal proceedings.
    • – Employees with country and abroad

We will share your information with our staff in the country and abroad to process your info on our behalf. The use of this information will be restricted to:

      • a. Marketing
      • b. Legal
      • c. HR handling
      • d. If intervention of technology is required, then the IT team
      • e. Relevant businesses

The information transferred overseas will also be restricted for the purpose mentioned above.

  1. Use of the information for Marketing

If you have granted us consent, then, we may use your information for marketing our different insurance products through the post, email, mobile or other means.

  1. Update of Your Information

It is of prime importance that the information we have about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Thus, we request you to update us if there is any change which needs to be registered concerning your personal information.

Use of this Privacy Policy

If you are willing to connect with us using our comment section then, please ensure that it is:

  • – Genuine
  • – Accurate
  • – Following the law (non-abusive, inflammatory or of such type)
  • – Non-plagiarized

Please do not present your opinions as views of Symbo Insurance. As mentioned above all the comments will be monitored before they are visible to general public. For more information, please contact

Security of your Information

We ensure that we have taken all possible measures to ensure that the personal information which you have provided or we have maintained is safe from unauthorised use of this data. However, we do not guarantee the security of our data systems as no system is impenetrable. We request you to maintain some private information confidential like the password of your MyAccount or any login details. If you suspect vulnerability of your data, please feel free to inform us.

Opting Out

You may choose to opt out of our marketing services by using the unsubscribe button in the email, talking to one of our executives or using contact us section mentioned at the end of this policy. After this, you will not receive any update of our promotional offers or offerings in general.

Update of the Policy

This Privacy policy was last updated on February 2017, and we may choose to update it again. The policies will be effective soon after an upgrade. Please check this Privacy Policy regularly.

Contact Details

If you have any concerns with regards to our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at our registered address: Symbo Brokers Pte Ltd. One George Street #22-02 Singapore 049145