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Effective tools for
Insurance Companies.

With a variety of features like quotation provision, claims notification, comparison of plans and more, the Symbo Insurance distribution platform is just what the industry needs to service the modern users.

Increased revenue

Increased revenue via cross selling to engaged employees

Customer Engagement

Connect and engage with customer in real-time

Customer Servicing

Immediate customer service on claims


Being able to stay a step ahead of both the team and industry is an immeasurable advantage

Efficient and user Friendly


The app helps agents to receive training, obtain regulatory licensing, get and share instant quotations with clients. Generous gamification techniques reward performance and enhance agency engagement. .


Platform means instant collaboration for your whole team. From start to finish,
you’re working together better than ever before.

The Symbo app provides the most enhanced and high-quality experience to retail customers. A unique and well-defined dashboard helps customers easily manage all their insurance needs

  • Insurance wallets to pay premiums, which can be topped up whenever needed
  • Direct customer claims filing that is easy, manageable and assured
  • Extensive and industry-first API integration with other insurer claims engines

new-age tech support


The Symbo app offers multiple benefits, which help make their job easier leading to higher productivity and better time management. 

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